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Founder of Innate Seitai

Hitoshi KIMURA
Hitoshi KIMURA

Hitoshi KIMURA

When I was an acupuncturist, I saw many patients. Even though I cured their symptoms, they passed away from other ailments. It made me wonder what real health was. I found symptomatic treatments that dealt with symptoms like pain were limited, and I started to study other methods of treatment.

Then I encountered chiropractic techniques and the thoughts of its founder B.J. Palmer. Chiropractic is a groundbreaking treatment that involves only adjusting the first and second upper cervical vertebrae. It leads to the balance of the whole spine like a domino effect and ends up curing intractable diseases naturally.

Certainly, it is a great discovery that the origin of Innate (vitality) lies in the brainstem. However, since the cervical vertebrae is a sensitive area in the body, it is dangerous to touch it carelessly, requiring appropriate training to practice its treatment. Then, I came up with the method of Mutsuu Seitai (pain-free seitai) using waves similar to the waves from the brainstem.

Timeline of Hitoshi Kimura for His Work in Innate

1974 Opened an acupuncture clinic at Shinagawa Ward in Tokyo
1977 Encountered the philosophy of Innate (life energy)
1978 Switched to chiropractic treatment
1983 Began homeopathy studies
Discovered the waves and established the method to let them resonate with the human body
1987 Started treatment studies without stimulus and touching
1991 Started Mutsuu (pain-free) treatment using waves
1994 Opened Tamachi Chuo Treatment Office, Tokyo
1995 Launched training students in Mutsuu Seitai studies
1997 Published Zero Hado No Iyashi (The Healing of Zero Wave)
1998 Established Super ADIO Research Group as life work Released the method of Innate Treatment to the public
2000 Finished training students of Mutsuu Seitai studies Concentrated on activities for Super ADIO Research Group
2001 Opened the research and recreation facility Kanraku Mutsuu Seitai Clinic.
2002 Opened Yaesu Chuo Treatment Office (relocated from Tamachi)
2003 Established the Innate Health Method Practice and Research Center (former Super ADIO Research Group) as a Non-Profit Organization
2004 Opened the Ginza Chuo Treatment Office (relocated from Yaesu)
2005 Opened the Innate School (for operators of Innate Seitai and Health Salon)
2008 Launched The Healer Club for the elite unit who practice healing only by thought
2011 Started support for the training of the next generation at Ginza Mutsuu Seitai Clinic
Published a sequel entitled Zero Hado No Iyashi – Jissen Hen (Healing of Zero Wave – Workbook)
Opened Innate Treatment Practice School
2013 Published a sequel entitled Zero Hado No Iyashi – Nyumon Hen (Healing of Zero Wave – Introductory)
2015 Opened the Miraiyu Shinagawa Treatment Office in Shinagawa