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Regenerative Reaction and Alarm Reaction

You might experience these two reactions after taking the Innate Treatment: Regenerative Reaction to regenerate your body into a healthy condition and Alarm Reaction to maintain it.

Regenerative Reaction

Once Innate is activated, Regenerative Reaction might take place in your body. Often there can be flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, coughing, runny nose, skin rash, diarrhea or vomiting, and rarely a high fever of more than 102°F/39°C can occur. Also, you may have something like one or more of the following symptoms: a new pain coming from the area that was treated; a resurgence of an injury symptom from a five-year-old accident; the return of suppressed atopic dermatitis or asthma, etc. These are evidence of the disturbed areas of the body being exposed and are actually good signs.

You can compare the current symptoms to the tip of the iceberg of the disease. Only a part of it is visible above the water. The rest of it that is underwater will eventually appear when you get weaker or worn out. The Regenerative Reaction is the phenomenon that occurs when Innate will help to cure the undiagnosed disease you might have otherwise had in the future. It is part of a natural process when acquiring a disease-free body.



  1. Symptomatic Treatment – treating only ongoing symptoms.
  2. Etiotropic Treatment – treating the hidden causes under the surface.

Alarm Reaction

When Innate gets activated, your body becomes more sensitive. This is called Alarm Reaction which takes place to protect your body.

Examples of Alarm Reaction:

  • Tight clothes, lingerie, and underwear can make you feel choked. They also can trigger lower back and menstruation pains.
  • Wearing pantyhose can make you feel cold.
  • Tight shoes may bring knee pains.
  • Wearing rings can increase your heart rate or may bring on headaches.
  • Becoming sensitive to smells and perfumes can make your nose stuffy.
  • Cosmetics you use regularly may give your skin a rash.
  • You may become intolerant to your favorite non-essentials such as cigarettes, coffee and liquor.
  • Sweets may make you feel sick or bring joint pains.
  • You may become intolerant to artificial seasonings and yeast.

When these symptoms occur, they are signs that natural and genuine senses are returning. Though you are becoming better right after Innate Treatment sessions, if you have conditions such as a return of discomfort, worsening of pain, or a new pain in the area never being treated, it might be an alarm from deep inside of your body. This means that your body is telling you that it has experienced trauma. Listen to your body and try to allow Innate to flow fully.