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Scientific Proof

X−Ray Photos Verified the Effects of Innate Treatment

  • Transformation of the Cervical Vertebrae
  • The cervical vertebrae consist of seven bones. The theory of a chiropractor defines that their ideal state forms the lordotic curve with an 18 cm/7 inch radius.

The images on the right are X-ray photos of the cervical vertebrae taken from the side. They display how the kyphotic tendency of the bones was adjusted after the treatment session.

  • Transformation of the Vertebral Column

The vertebral column consists of 24 bones in the cervical vertebrae, the thoracic vertebrae, and the lumbar vertebrae. Due to the position of the heart, the thoracic vertebrae form a slight curve, but ideally the vertebral column should be straight.
The images on the right are X-ray photos of the whole spinal column taken from the front. The before and after session images of them show the transformation of the spinal column due to the activated Innate, even though the session lasted only 40 minutes.
(The image of the vertebrae of a third grade girl taken on May 21, 2001.)
Those who received the treatment for the first time tend to think something is missing because their body adjustment occurs only through the resonance of the waves and not through the physical touch of the hand, as in chiropractic or massage. However, the transformation is taking place within your body.
The realignment of the cervical column not only decreases and removes various symptoms of diseases, but it also improves your health conditions and enhances the level of your wellness. In this way, Innate Seitai Treatment helps you to maintain your health.

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