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The Procedure of Treatment

At the Innate Salon, all you have to do is just lie in bed. While you are lying down, a practitioner will apply waves to your brainstem. Though it may seem as if they aren’t doing much, they are actually allowing the waves to begin the rejuvenation of the human body. Innate Treatment is not a stimulant and very safe, and it enhances your health. It is good and effective and works for everyone, including infants and the elderly.

Before The Session

  1. Try not to take any medications including Eastern medicine or dietary supplements the day before the treatment session, except those prescribed by your physician.
  2. Wear loose underwear or lingerie, preferably made of natural fabric for the session.
  3. Try not to wear metallic objects and accessories such as watches or jewelry.
  4. Don’t wear perfume or deodorant.
  5. If you wear contact lenses, you will have to remove them.
  6. Keep your cell phones and other electronic devices off during treatment.

During The Session

  1. Take off your shoes, socks, pantyhose, watch, accessories, contact lenses, glasses, hot or cold patches, and anything that is tight or constricting.
  2. Change into loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabric.
  3. Stand upright so that your practitioner can examine your posture from both the front and side.
  4. Lie down on a bed on your back.
  5. Your practitioner will place a device that will send Innate waves resonating to your brainstem.
  6. You will stay in bed for about an hour. It’s OK if you fall asleep. It is important that your body settles.

Right After Treatment

  1. Don’t work out vigorously.
  2. Don’t eat or drink too much, especially alcohol.
  3. Don’t put on accessories, watches, etc.
  4. Avoid taking a bath and washing hair. You may take a light shower.
  5. Refrain from having dental work done.