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Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

Health Barometer

Do you know what conditions provide good health? Having sound sleep, a good appetite, and regular bowel movements may be the barometers of health. Those conditions come naturally if your Innate functions fully. Another healthy sign is, as the old Japanese expression goes, to have a “cool head, warm feet”; if your hands and feet are cold, it is a sign of bad blood circulation. If that’s the case, you might want to review your lifestyle.

Get up early and sleep early

It is said that the human internal clock has a 25-hour day. When you get up early and are exposed to morning light, your body clock sets one hour back for the 24-hour system which is the same cycle as the earth’s rotation. The function of the human biological clock includes sleep, body temperature, and hormone secretion. If you stay up late under bright lights and get up late without a chance to be under morning light, the body clock is not fixed and the biological rhythm is thrown off. Since growth hormones are mainly secreted during sleep at night, if the rhythm doesn’t work well, your brain and body will be affected. If you receive morning light, serotonin, a hormone for a stable mental condition, is secreted. Considering these effects, the rhythm of rising and sleeping early could be the first important step for health. Sleeping particularly between 10 pm until 2 am is said to be very effective.

Moderate Exercise

Walking is a moderate exercise that gives many benefits. Modern-day humans are not walking very much due to our reliance on automobiles and trains. Because of that, we suffer big health problems. Walking can correct an out-of-aligned spine, and it conditions muscles that support basic movements. By walking regularly, you will have a foundation for other sports and exercises. But, if you feel pains, don’t force yourself; instead, rest. Choosing the right shoes is an important factor for walking.

Another good exercise is swimming. The crawl and the backstroke are recommended. For those who are overweight or have trouble walking due to joint pain, walking in water is perfect.


If your body becomes constricted by clothing and other accessories, you can have a bad blood circulation. Even though the pressure feels minor, Innate flow might become deteriorated or blocked. If you feel relaxed after you take off something, continuing to wear it will worsen your body’s condition. You might want to make sure your underwear, pantyhose and the rubber in the socks are not too tight. Preferably, clothing should be made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk. They are gentle so that the cells in your body can feel comfortable.

Carefully choose a pair of shoes which has enough room for your toes to move and has no discomfort and pain when you try them on.

Heavy accessories can be a burden. Metal ones can be magnetic and may cause damage to your body. Extremely tight rings, pierced earrings, and tight head bands should be avoided.


Basically, it is recommended to eat seasonal and local foods. Summer foods and foods from the South have cold characteristics. Winter foods and foods from the North have warm characteristics. Try to eat what suits you after you consider the food properties.

  • Have an early supper, and eat less in the evening.
  • Eat oily and animal-based food as little as possible.
  • Select food without additives and chemical seasonings.
  • Try to cut down on sweets.
  • Avoid artificial yeast.
  • Eat slow, chew thoroughly, and enjoy eating

Mattresses and Pillows

Because your bone structure might change after the treatment session, the firmness of your mattress and the height of your pillow might need to be adjusted. Because a thin pillow is basically better, change to a thinner one. Ideally your bedding should be made from natural materials.


Once electrical appliances are turned on, electromagnetic waves generate around them. Install the earth electrode for appliances such as your AC, TV set, washing machine, and microwave oven. When you go to sleep, you might want to unplug electronic appliances near your bed. Use highly magnetic electronics, such as microwave ovens, laptop computers, cell phones, and cordless phones, as little as possible.


Use natural-based cosmetics as much as possible because oil or coal-based chemical cosmetics (especially lipsticks) are easily absorbed into mucous membranes.

Medication and Supplement

Try to avoid too many kinds of medications and supplements except those specifically prescribed by your doctor or hospital.