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Innate Seitai Salon

Treatment at Innate Seitai Salons

Innate Seitai Salons will help to guide you to a finely tuned state of good health. The general concept of contemporary medical practices supports ways, such as medications, surgery and other types of treatment, which respond to symptoms but not actually to the underlying causes of illness.
In contrast, the function of Innate cures disease and all the symptoms.

For example, if you cut yourself, Band-Aids and antiseptic solution won’t cure you. If you have a broken bone, a cast won’t cure you. Innate functions with the help of these necessary treatments. It works for rejuvenation of human cells, and it heals the cuts and connects the broken bones.

Some people heal faster than others. Some people are more susceptible to catching colds than others. The functioning of each person’s life energies makes such differences. If your vitality level is low, it invites discomfort or diseases to your body. The most important thing to do is to increase your vitality level. If it gets high enough, your chronic pain, discomfort, or the diseases that you may have will fade away even before you notice. What cures your body is your Innate, self-healing power.
The Innate Seitai Salon helps you to increase this vitality. By getting activated, the previously dormant inner vitality becomes your doctor. Your Innate starts to heal you.

low level of innate
イネイトの低下 原因 Low level of Innate (cause)
 肩こり 結果 Stiff shoulders (result)
 内臓の不調 結果 Internal discomfort (result)
 腰の痛み 結果 Lower back pain (result)
 膝の痛み Joint pain (result)