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Innate Seitai Treatment

What is Innate Seitai Treatment?

Innate Seitai Treatment is a way of treating the underlying(etiotropic) cause of disease by adjusting (Seitai) the first and second cervical vertebrae with a tool called Super ADIO, which was developed by Hitoshi Kimura, founder of Innate Seitai. Super ADIO, is equipped with waves that are similar to and reflect that of the brainstem*.

The Innate energy flows from the brainstem out to every organ through the spine. If your spine is out of alignment, the Innate flow is blocked. That blockage triggers various discomforts in your body, eventually causing your health to deteriorate.

Imagine you have two tuning forks in front of you. When you hit one, another one generates the same tone as the first one without being touched.

In the same principle, the Innate Seitai Treatment makes the brainstem resonate with waves – delicate energy stimuli – originating from the Super ADIO. Then, the brainstem, as the center of life, gets revitalized and activates the Innate in your body, as a tuning fork resonates with another one and creates a tone. Once your body restores the power of Innate, the condition of your body becomes healthier.



The Brainstem, in vertebrate anatomy, is the posterior part of the brain and is structurally continuous with the spinal cord. It is located under the cerebrum and in front of the cerebellum. It connects the central nervous system with the brain and is necessary to maintain life. It is responsible for respiratory movement, vasomotor, cardiac motion, and thermoregulation. Thus, it is also called “Life’s Control Center.”

The base of the brainstem has the medulla that connects to the upper cervical vertebrae. When the waves from Super ADIO resonate with the brainstem, they activate Innate. Then, the upper cervical vertebrae are aligned, and Innate circulates through the whole body. Eventually it rejuvenates your body.