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Shoulder Pain

I fell down a few years ago. I couldn’t raise my right arm due to pain in my right shoulder. Eventually the area of pain expanded and was getting worse. During the fourth Innate treatment session, I felt my body become warmer and heard my shoulder snap. My shoulder became so comfortable afterwards. I had no pain after all since then. (A woman in her 70s)


I had severe insomnia. Especially in recent years, it got worse and worse. Sleeping pills did not work. After a few Innate sessions, I was able to sleep easily. Even when I woke up, it became easier for me to get back to sleep, and I had more nights to sleep comfortably without interruption. Finally I was able to stop taking sleeping pills. (A woman in her 60s)

Liver Function Became Improved

I started taking Innate sessions because I had a lower back pain. A year later, my problems with my liver, which any meds could not cure, were gone! I don’t know how this happened through adjusting my body’s alignment. But anyway, the treatment seems to be bringing a big change inside my body. (A man in his 20s)


I quit my job because people at work stressed me out, giving me depression. I felt sick and had headaches for a week after the first session. Three months passed. Gradually I felt positive and good energies sprung out. And I was able to work again. (A woman in her 30s)

Breech Birth

Two weeks before the baby due, it was still in a breech position, and I scheduled a C-section. After one Innate session, I found the baby’s position had turned by the next examination. Also, my lower back pain was relieved. I was able to have a natural childbirth. Now, both my baby and I are very fine. (A woman in her 30s)

Herniated discs, Lower back pain, and Tinnitus

I used to see an orthopedist and an ear, nose and throat specialist for a herniated disc in my neck and back, lower back pain, and ringing in my ears (tinnitus) every week for more than two years to no avail. After I started Innate Treatment, not a day went by without feeling better. After about six months, I recovered so as not to have very few physical problems in every day life or feel any discomfort. Now, I am grateful that I came across the treatment. (A man in his 60s)

Bad Occlusion

I had bad occlusion, so when I would bite, only on the right side of my teeth connect, but not on the left. My fillings were removed and a lot of dental work was being done. Even in the first Innate session, I recognized that my jaw moved left to right to adjust itself. I felt refreshed after that session. Eventually, both my top and bottom teeth on the left side that hadn’t touched were now making good contact.
I look forward to adjusting the balance of my whole body through future treatments. (Gender and age unknown)